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Different Services an SEO Agency Can Offer

Everybody talks about SEO whenever the topic about a successful online business comes around the discussion table. However, every SEO agency has their separate list of services. Not every SEO agency handles the job the same way and you’ll be surprised at how varied these agencies can be from time to time. Where one focuses entirely on your website, the other focuses entirely on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. To get a better idea at what an SEO agency can do for you, here is a look at some of the more common services an SEO agency would offer:

Internal SEO

Internal SEO is all about making your web design company in des moines webpages SEO-friendly. Each page has to focus on several keywords so that search engines like Google can associate them to user searches. This means everything on that one web page has to be associated with that keyword, from the tags and titles for images, video files, and even the title bar on top. The content of the page has to be keyword-centered as well but it shouldn’t be a flood of keywords that doesn’t make sense. Search engines, especially Google, will penalize you for that.

Social Network Campaign

Many SEO agencies will focus a lot of time on social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and even Pinterest. Social networks are great because you get to interact with your followers and customers, you constantly draw in attention whenever you post something new about the business, word of mouth marketing is lightning fast through social networks (friends sharing to friends who share to their friends), and it is a good place for link building. Twitter, as a matter of fact, is usually used for link building and drawing in customer attention.

Pay per Click (PPC)

PPC campaign is when you use click ads and banner ads to draw people in to your website. The click ads will be placed on other websites, the host, but you don’t have to pay the host for showing your ads to their visitors until someone clicks on them. Each SEO agency has their own way of handling PPC campaigns. Usually they have a set of tools to study what websites should host your ads, what keywords your PPC ads will focus on, and how much your budget is for a PPC campaign.

Regional and International SEO Work

Remember that you can edit how your SEO work is done. You might want a PPC campaign that only shows for your local region or you might one that is apparent throughout the internet for everyone across the world. Here’s a good example:

You just started a PPC campaign but you want to focus on consumers living in your city. To do this the SEO agency will only let the PPC ads appear on the host websites when the person searching has an IP address that is within the local area or if their searches use specific keywords for that region like “cars for sale in X city”. This is one of the best ways to prosper a small online business, build on a particular niche, and then branch out to the larger market.